Meredith Malloy

Creativity has run in my family for generations. At an early age it was recommended that I be held back because I couldn't color inside the lines. Thank goodness my mother had the sense to take that advice with a grain of salt, because years later I became an established graphic designer with a few awards under my belt. And, I still do not like to color inside the lines!


After graduating college with a concentration in graphic design, I started helping my friends and family with their special occasion and wedding stationery needs. Over the years, word spread, the demand for my help increased, and M2 Designs was created.  From coloring outside the lines to a passion for creative design, I’ve found my true source of inspiration and happiness… helping people mark life’s great milestones, achievements, and just any reason to celebrate!


Whether you have a specific concept in mind or don’t even know where to begin, I will work with you throughout the process to interpret and develop your vision into a unique, custom invitation.

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